who are we ?

Transfer in Provence is a car reservation service with drivers whose registered office is located at: Résidence Les Jardins de la Balme Apt 529 73150 VAL D’ISERE, registered with the Directory of the Chamber of Trades and Crafts in Chambery No. 501 295 729 – VAT number: FR 72501295729.

The Company provides a travel service chauffeured vehicle running exclusively on advance booking, minimum 15 minutes before the management of time customers by drivers employed by the Company or by the relationship between customers and put Independent drivers of vehicles (hereinafter the “Service”) where periods of heavy crowds.

These Terms constitute a contract by which the Company offers and provides the Service and apply for orders placed by Customer vehicles from the Company by telephone, via the internet site «www.transfer-in-provence.com” by mobile Internet or using any software application provided by the Company in order to allow to use the Service.

By using the Service, Customer acknowledges and accepts all terms of these Terms.

1. Service Item

The Company provides a transport service and provides its customers passenger cars with driver. It is registered in the register of operators of passenger cars with driver EVTC under the number 073 11 0024 and subject to the provisions of articles L 231- 1 to L231-4 of the Tourism Code and Decree No. 85-891 of August 16, 1985

2. Reserve a vehicle

The Customer is informed that all vehicles can be offered to different types (sedan, minivan, minivan, station wagon). For the moment, the Company is unfortunately not able to offer in linking with specific vehicles for the disabled. The Service is open daily, 24 hours / 24, and is accessible only by reservation or in advance.

2.1 Instant Booking

Customer reports any particularities of the race, especially the starting point, any intermediate stage and the final point of arrival and the name and surname of the passenger to be supported during the race ( hereinafter the “Passenger”). Upon receipt of the reservation request, the Company searches for vehicles available in the sector requested. If a vehicle is available, the Company shall send the Customer a cost estimate ordered way. In no case may a chauffeured vehicle will made the management of clients before the 15 minutes after booking. Once the order is confirmed, the customer is notified by email of the confirmation of booking.

2.2 Booking ahead

Customer may order a vehicle from the Company before the date and time of departure of the race concerned. The Customer indicates the date, time and place of departure, any intermediate stage and the final arrival point, other possible peculiarities of the race (programmed waiting time, additional evidence for the place of rendezvous etc.) and the full name of the Passenger. Depending on the number of orders already on the date and time chosen, the Company reserves the right to reject in advance additional commands. The Company records the order and takes into account the search of the vehicle, without making immediate reservation of a vehicle at the time of the order. The research vehicle is performed in the hour before the scheduled departure time, depending on departure location, and traffic conditions. Once the order is confirmed, the customer is notified by email of the confirmation of booking.

2.3 Reservation from an airport

When ordering, the Customer shall specify the airport, the date of the race, and the flight number. The estimated time of landing and the arrival terminal, subject to change by the flight conditions and the airport authority can be informed but are not contractual. The responsibility of society can not be held liable for incorrect information given by the Customer (incomplete flight number, date of error) or in case of erroneous information relating to the reference flight for running, transmitted by the Service Info airport concerned.

2.4 Reservation by phone

A telephone order service is 24h / 24, 7 days 7 through a call to a “mobile” phone number (cost of a call to a mobile phone with a French network). The order is payable by credit card when the phone call, or any other payment method implemented by the Company.

2.5 Booking online (website, mobile Internet)

The Client may make a reservation online, via the website: The www.transfer-in-provence.com Online Booking resulting from confirmation of the order from the customer, Debit credit card (if determination payment in distance selling by credit card). No additional fee is deducted by the Company on the price of the race outside of any additional costs incurred due to higher waiting time to 30 minutes from the Passenger by the driver at the starting point.

2.6 Amendment and cancellation of reservation

The Customer may modify or cancel the reservation passed by telephone, via the internet site «www.transfer-in-provence.com” internet 48 hours before the arrival of the vehicle at the place and time Initially, the cancellation does not involve any billing. If the Customer has not canceled the order 48 hours before the arrival of the vehicle, the passenger does not show up at departure, or cancels when the driver or the company calls the customer on the phone, the integral value controlled the race is billed to the Customer. Any change to the estimate of the originally scheduled run (waiting, parking, extra stop, change of address …) will result in additional costs that are later billed to the Client.

3. Payment

Payment for services offered by the Company, including the payment of the reservation can be made by check (only from French banks), Cash (directly with the driver after performing the service), credit card payment (by phone or email via distance selling software or directly with the driver after performing the service) via an electronic payment terminal provided by the Crédit Mutuel CIC group that allows secure transactions by the standards of banking security, with encryption . The system allows secure banking details (credit card number, expiration date …) provided by the Client will not be intercepted by third parties. By providing their bank details, the Client accepts in advance and unconditionally that the Company proceeds with the secure transaction and that he waives his rights retractions of seven days as mentioned in Article L. 121-20-2 of the Code of the consumption. The Customer therefore authorizes his bank in advance to debit his account at the sight of records or statements transmitted by the Company.

4. Supports

Passengers must show the driver when the vehicle arrives at the starting point in case of immediate order, and at the time agreed when ordering in advance. In the absence of a passenger, the driver waiting time is not billed for the first 30 minutes of the arrival of the vehicle at the starting point. Beyond 30 minutes of waiting, the waiting time is charged € 1 VAT per minute, and from the first minute of waiting.

5. Obligations and responsibility

The service offered by the Company consists of a search for an available delivery vehicle matching the Customer’s order. The Company is thus held in a simple obligation of means and implements all its best efforts to find an available vehicle to the Customer as soon as possible.

5.1 Insurance

The Company is guaranteed by a creditworthy insurance company covering the risks associated with its business passenger car with driver operator under the legislation in force. Passengers are considered third parties vis-à-vis the driver, and are covered for all the bodily, material and immaterial they may incur subsequent to a traffic accident and unlimited for bodily injury since the rise in the vehicle until the descent, except for damage caused by their fault.

5.2 Service availability

The Company makes every effort to make the online reservation services available quasi-permanently. However, the Company may interrupt services for reasons inherent in the operation and maintenance constraints. The Company can not guarantee the constant availability of the service, including the Internet portal In particular, the Company can not be held responsible in case of unavailability of the mobile network, Internet, operation of the mobile device Client or Passenger. The Company can not be held responsible for such equipment malfunctions or unavailability. In addition, access to the Service is conditional upon the use by the Client sufficient IT resources and allowing appropriate access to the service, including Internet connection, appropriate Internet browser, phone / smartphone compatible. Tips to maximize access to the Service may be provided by the Company to the Customer on request of the latter.

5.3 Availability of the vehicle and transportation

The responsibility of the Company may be held liable in case of unavailability of the vehicle. However, if the provision of the reserved vehicle could not be performed within 30 minutes of Customer’s order, the Company will reimburse the customer the full racing price received when ordering. The responsibility of the Company may be held liable in case of force majeure (external event irresistible and unpredictable) and in particular in the following cases: failure or malfunction of telecommunication networks (Internet, telephony …) preventing the availability of telephone booking service or online, unusual traffic disruptions (event, bad weather, traffic accident, mechanical breakdown …) The Company may use independent drivers for the realization of the races, and execution of the transport service is under the sole responsibility of the vehicle driver and of the Company which employment .. The responsibility of the Company may be held liable, particularly if due to the driver of the vehicle behind. Only the driver is responsible for any damages arising from non-performance or improper performance of the race, and excluding cases of force majeure. The responsibilities of the Company and the driver may be undertaken if the Passenger must imperatively be accompanied by a companion and the latter is absent, if accessibility to the vehicle is insufficient, if the vehicle can not be parked in accordance with the highway code on public roads close to the starting point in order to perform the management of the Passenger, or if for any reason beyond its control, the driver of the vehicle can support the Passenger. Execution of the transport service, rising to the descent of the vehicle is under the sole responsibility of the vehicle driver and the passenger. Any special request for assistance made to the Passenger’s driver, which would exceed the only Passenger transport service, is the sole responsibility of the passenger in case of accidents or damage in connection with this aid.

5.4 Travel Time

The estimated travel time reported by the Company to the Customer when the order is transmitted purely indicative. These travel times are calculated from standard time estimates, are not binding and do not in any way engage the responsibility of the Company. Where displacement of particular importance to the Customer or the Passenger and / or subject to time constraints, it is the Customer to take a precautionary margin in terms of time sufficient to offset any difficulty related to traffic or other incident. The Company recommends in particular the Customer to provide an extra margin of precaution in case of 30 minutes drive to train stations and airports under normal traffic conditions, and can not be held responsible for the consequences of the conditions of circulation.

5.5 Liability of the Client

The Customer undertakes to behave in the vehicle as a good father. In case of deterioration of equipment or vehicle attributable to the Customer, the Company him turn invoices the costs of reclamation of the vehicle or equipment changes. The passengers, adults and children, are required to fasten their seatbelts. A fine is incurred by those at fault during a check by the police. For safety reasons it is forbidden to smoke and carry weapons, flammable, explosive, corrosive or toxic. Non-compliance of this provision liability of the Customer and the passenger. The Company then reserves the right to any appeal. Luggage must be placed in the trunk of the vehicle. Luggage remain the sole responsibility of the Company as it remains inside the trunk. No baggage can not be entrusted to the driver. The driver may refuse baggage whose weight or dimensions are excessive and those that it considers detrimental to the safety of transport.

5.6 Access Restriction Service

The Company may restrict access to the Service at any Customer, without notice, especially but not limited to, in the following cases: – non-compliance by the customer of its obligations – inappropriate behavior of the Customer or its accompanying in vehicles – the absence of payment by the Customer of amounts due to Transfer in Provence under races already completed or canceled 24 hours after the arrival of the car – The cancellation of the Order by the Client subsequent to assignment of the car 3 times in a period of one month.

5.7 linking Foreign Service

The Company offers a matching service with all transport companies of persons abroad. The company then acts as a mere intermediary between can not be held responsible for any damages or injury whatsoever, vehicle orders being carried out by and under the responsibility of the transport partnership abroad.

6. Computer and personal data

Information collected by the Company in connection with the Service are subject to a data processing intended for the implementation of this service, especially customer identification data and information on transport services ordered and executed . This information is necessary for the Company to process orders. They include files stored in clients of the Company. In order to optimize the efficiency of order management, the Company also reserves the option to record and store information related to received calls..The Company undertakes to ensure the confidentiality of personal data supplied by the Client. According to law “and Freedoms” of January 6, 1978, the Customer has a right to access, modify, rectify and delete personal data. For inquiries, contact the Customer must: – by mail: Transfer in Provence Res. Les Jardins de la Balme Apt 529 73150 VAL of ISERE – email: contact@transfer-in-provence.com

7. Intellectual Property

The Company and its partners are the exclusive owners of all intellectual property rights concerning the structure and content of the website www.transfer-in-provence.com and associated software (graphics, images, texts, logos, databases) , for the world. The trademarks and logos on the www.transfer-in-provence.com website are the exclusive property of the Company with the exception of trademarks and logos of the Company’s partners. Any rebroadcast, reproduction, total or partial commercialization of the contents in any form is strictly prohibited.

8. Changes

The Company reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions, without notice.

9. Applicable Law – Jurisdiction

These Terms and Conditions are subject to French laws and regulations. In case of difficulty in the interpretation or execution of these general conditions, difficulty in implementation and the realization of one of the services ordered online, the dispute shall, in the absence of agreement, subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts of Chambéry or Albertville.